25 November ~ As well as announcing the hosts of the 2018 World Cup (and resolution either way for England's faltering bid) FIFA will decide on who gets the 2022 tournament a week today. According to William Hill, Qatar are now the favourites. Apparently this is largely thanks to this expensive-looking TV advert featuring Zinedine Zidane, talking about his childhood in Marseille and how what the youth of the Middle East are missing is a World Cup.

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Comment by FCKarl 2010-11-30 20:51:27

It is stupid to consider Qatar (or a Morocco that almost won the bid for the July 2010 World Cup).

Strange that FIFA or any other world sports body would even consider a place like Qatar in June and July.

Anyone here in this WSC Forum ever tried to play a sport in the MONSTROUS heat and humidity there at that time of year?

Let me help out those who have never been south of Paris or Munich: You cannot move. You cannot even breathe.

Football is supposed to be an athletic competition....

One of the reasons I supported South Africa (one of the few) is that it had almost ideal temperatures for the athletes on the pitch. No, not for the fans; they had less-than-ideal temperatures.

But the fans don't rate as important (FIFA reminds us of this constantly). They will further underscore this if a place like Qatar ever gets selected. Even as a fan who hopes to camp, visit tourist sites (in Qatar?) or go about doing what fans do in between matches, well, forget it. All fans will just bunker down in the big air conditioned mall in the capital city when not trying to survive a game.

(Anyone here experience the host city of Orlando for the USA World Cup 1994? Same thing...absolutely oppressive heat. No chance for even 22 minutes of hard-fought football on the pitch. Qatar would be worse.)

There are just certain norms and laws that cannot be violated. Sorry, every country on the planet is not "equal" with equal opportunity to host.

Or should I be awaiting FIS (the international body that governs numerous winter sports events) to be awarding its World Championships to Brasil sometime soon?

Or maybe the UIC will award its World Championships to Malta? (think about it)

**Forget the Qatar indoor football arena (and indoor/underground arena) plans. Sure, this works if you hope to be in a stadium for just 35,000 capacity. that's some World Cup atmosphere....

Lest anyone think I am too harsh on poor little ole Qatar, I equally do not support a big from a country like the USA --- UNLESS the USA venues are indoor, domed facilities (means climate controlled conditions) like what Dallas now offers. An outdoor stadium in Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, or Houston? No way!

FIFA must give fans 90 minutes of hard-fought, all-out footballing. And the weather is a KEY COMPONENT. Anything that diminishes this is not football worth watching. (example: Mexico 1986 in places like Monterrey, Guadalahara, and Quettero with the 2 p.m. local time kickoffs)

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