23 November ~ This team is probably the German equivalent of Hamilton Academicals, the name being an absolute joy to enunciate when asked which team one follows: "Which team do I support you ask? Well, let me see now – stand well back everyone, mind those champagne flutes..." The badge itself is similarly enjoyable and has a rather jolly air about it. It seems that four friends are attending a funfair and, having perhaps drunk heavily, are now piled into a dodgem car, seeking kicks. Read more

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Comment by Stumpy Pepys 2010-11-23 13:19:42

Yay! As SpVgg Unterhaching's sole representative on WSC, it's nice to hear about Munich's largely ignored third team. Those who are intimidated by long German words can safely namecheck the team as 'Haching'.

The bottom half of the badge, of course, references the affiliated bobsleigh team. None of the fans – at least on the south stand – have either a clue about or any interest in this branch of the club; bobsleigh runs in south-east Munich being a bit thin on the ground. I'm sure the bob team are a splendid group of lads.

Comment by mfc _hachinger 2010-11-24 20:51:11

As a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough and a follower of Unterhaching since the 00/01 season it is disapointing to watch the demise of both my clubs in recent years.

To be compared with Hamilton Academicals is a bit harsh. Tranmere Rovers would be a fairer comparison. But as we say in Stockton-on-Tees... Hachinger uber alles!

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