19 November ~ "It's easy to mock nouveau football fans, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. In this forum discussion, Chelsea supporters reveal when they first got interested in 'their' club. I particularly like the Lebanese contributor who was lured away from wrestling." Submitted by Peter Sherlock. Taken from the WSC Weekly Howl 

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Comment by Lord Pesk 2010-11-19 15:09:52

Every time someone asks me why I support Stockport County, I tell them I'm a glory hunter.

Comment by donedmundo 2010-11-19 17:52:04

This is too easy. You should move on to stealing candy from babies.

Comment by bearlion 2010-11-21 10:42:22

After 2 (two) successive league defeats there's probably a thread entitled "When did you stop supporting Chelsea" just round the corner.

Comment by Isaac Hunt 2010-11-25 01:11:29

Thanks for encouraging a few more morons that the basis of Chelsea's support have an average age of about 12, live in the far east and have nothing better to do than try and blah knowledge from the ~3 years they've been interested in football.

I'm glad Chelsea are the only club that has such dedicated followers like these folk, I bet no other club on the planet has such a strong and loyal Internet fanbase like this.

Overall 10/10 for a fantastic use of time, I really like reading clever and meaningful things like this - especially when it involves the views and experiences of people who were born after 1995.

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