15 October ~ "Marvellous news about the Chilean miners. After weeks of anguish, stress and painstaking toil in dank and cramped conditions, we managed to find a sticker card of Franklin Lobos, the former footballer who was the 27th of the 33 miners to be lifted to the surface earlier this week. Lobos, who spent nine seasons in the Chilean first division with four different clubs, scored from over 100 free-kicks during his playing career and was nicknamed the 'Magic Mortar'. After retiring he worked for a taxi firm then became a truck driver at the mine. One of his former clubs, Cobresal, may now rename their stadium after him. The miners have been inundated with gifts so the least we can do is send a box of 2010 'Here comes the summer' WSC T-shirts." Taken from this week's WSC Weekly Howl

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