1 October ~ "Mark Lawrenson was co-commentator for Ireland's TV3 in their coverage of the recent Man Utd v Rangers Champions League game. During the course of the first half, following a particularly wayward shot from United's Javier Hernández, the commentator described the attempt as 'neither a cross nor a shot'. Step forward Mr Lawrenson to pipe up that, wait for it, 'it was a crot'. I kid you not. Is there no limit to this man's comic and linguistic genius?" Sent in by Christopher Doughan. Taken from this week's WSC Weekly Howl

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Comment by Rogin the Armchair Fan 2010-10-01 16:34:24

Good job it wasn't 'neither a shot nor a chip'.

Comment by Crusoe 2010-10-01 19:19:14

"Neither a win nor a banker" or "neither a chip nor a punt" would've been entertaining.

Comment by AndySaint 2010-10-04 14:08:56

Chris. I know how you feel mate. Readers over the pond might not appreciate how, over here in Ireland, we get double the dosage of ML. He pops up weekly, without fail, on Ireland's Today FM stating the bleeding obvious, both prior to Saturday's kick-offs and during the week on the Matt Cooper evening show. One 'arreight Matt' and it's a quick flick over to George Hook on Newstalk - that's how unbearable he's become!

Comment by supergorgoniser 2010-10-21 20:03:13

He used to pitch up on Bristols "The West Match" to patronise us with gems such as "Weeeel, at this level..." until I ground my teeth to powder in silent fury. Part of the reason I emigrated.

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