Pandan150Badge of the week ~ Pandan XIV, Brunei
For a long time in the nation of Brunei, short trousers imported from the west for sporting or leisure purposes were, owing to an inconsistency of measurements between Europe and south-east Asia, significantly smaller than anticipated. The players of Pandan were not the only ones to struggle with their new kit but, instead of sending them right back to the supplier like everyone else, Pandan's first chairman instructed his players to wear them anyway. 


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AlHussein150Badge of the week ~ Al Hussein Sports Club, Jordan
Al Hussein Sports Club came into existence after their founder, a share fisherman, was hypnotised by a storm petrel. Khalid Hussan, later to become first club president, was having a cigarette on deck in the dead of night when the diminutive bird alighted on the boat railing and cocked a gleaming eye his way. Lost in his own reverie - in his own words he was wondering at the time how to dry plates while his wife washed up without looking inadequate - Hussan paid no heed to the bird at first, but then realised he had been staring into its beady eye for several minutes. 

Rebels150aBadge of the week ~ Rebels FC, British Virgin Islands
There are some things one's mind jolts to instantly on hearing the word "rebel". One is of course, Marlon Brando in The Wild One. If I recall the dialogue correctly: Young lady: "What are you rebelling against Johnny?" Marlon Brando: "What've you got?" Young lady: "Chlamydia." Marlon Brando: "I'm rebelling against chlamydia." 


Starting with the image furthest left, one can agree that cricket is a sport, there is no controversy here, although it does take rather a lot of time for everyone to get settled and start playing again after each bowl. And, taking the next image, dominoes is a social activity in the sense that elderly men sit around in the gloom of a bar for hours, not talking but crashing down a domino so that the chap trying to read in the corner has his heart hurled up to this teeth at regular intervals.

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FC Halifax Town 1 Mickleover Sports 1, 23/04/2011, The Shay, Northern Premier League