Starting with the image furthest left, one can agree that cricket is a sport, there is no controversy here, although it does take rather a lot of time for everyone to get settled and start playing again after each bowl. And, taking the next image, dominoes is a social activity in the sense that elderly men sit around in the gloom of a bar for hours, not talking but crashing down a domino so that the chap trying to read in the corner has his heart hurled up to this teeth at regular intervals.

The image on the far right, however, shows a popular Barbadian activity, flamboyant curtseying, that cannot be classed as either a sport or a full social activity. Flamboyant curtseying was a craze started by an ambitious young Barbadian politician which took off very quickly, spreading rapidly from council chambers to dance halls via the street. 

A government warning was issued in 1996 after several head injuries were reported around the country and flamboyant curtseying briefly went underground, but currently it is enjoying a resurgence in popularity with the most high-profile practitioners wearing head protection when on camera. But it still isn't a sport or a social activity in itself. It shouldn't be on the badge. Cameron Carter


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