Editorial ~ No World Cup for England
Newswatch ~ Why Fabio Capello is an easy scapegoat for the footballing failures of a nation
Sidelines ~ Eric Cantona’s dubious legacy; supporters play each other; 40 years after the Ibrox disaster; WSC’s 2010 Web Awards
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Preaching to the converted ~ Observing the religious overtones of the Football League Show
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Euro view ~ French transfer farce; Partizan fans retain pride in Belgrade; Ajax get aggravated
World view ~ The Moonies team triumphs in east Asia; San Jose Earthquakes bounce back in MLS
Reviews ~ Tales of Johnny Giles; Scottish stramash; Christian Roberts cleans up; Highbury’s 1970s hatchet man
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I know I shouldn’t but...
Season in brief ~ Division One 1914-15