Editorial ~ Clubs at the mercy of their mad owners
Newswatch ~ Gray and Keys are roundly disdained
Sidelines ~ An awkward anniversary; suggestions for standing; Kevin Muscat's terrible timing; the growing power of football agents
Shot! ~ Blackpool beat Liverpool at Bloomfield Road
Being Andy Townsend ~ How simple it was to slip into a pundit's shoes
Facing facts ~ A debate over how to improve sports journalism gets personal
Scotland from top to bottom ~ Only one game matters to the money men; plus a Cup grudge match is postponed 15 times and a manager swaps sides
Celebrity squared ~ How Beckham can't be blamed for his circus
Match of the month ~ Middlesbrough host Preston but neither side get what they want
Saluting a Spurs hero ~ Remembering John White, killed at the height of his career
American revolution ~ Why US football wants rid of UK influence
TV tomfoolery ~ A pioneering but dubious non-League deal
Verona hit the heights ~ Outsiders upset the Italian establishment
Loan rangers ~ Why selected teams benefiting from other clubs' players tilts the playing field
Russian Premier League ~ Why changing the football calendar may alleviate some clubs' financial woes
A Bohemian existence ~ Wage worries in the League of Ireland
Strange case of... ~ John Jenson, Arsenal's 1990s icon
World view ~ Early warnings in Qatar; a star striker survives; football in France's territories
Reviews ~ George Best hits Hibs; Malaga on the mind; truthful Trundle; Derby County crash out
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I know I shouldn't but...
Season in brief ~ Division One 2000-01