Editorial ~ Sacked managers as scapegoats
Sidelines ~ Tony Gubba clams up; clashes at Coventry; Sion take on UEFA; Fulham ticket trouble; crisis at Rangers; Truro City’s crossroads
Shot!~ Second-level Blues begin in Europe
Goodbye Garry Cook ~ A swift departure for a contentious figure after one gaffe too many
Asian appeal ~ The Premier League retains its Japanese following; plus Norwich’s global pull
Bargain hunting ~ Why shopping for players in the lower leagues continues to make sense
Computer games ~ Which footballers are addicted to virtual reality?
Local difficulty ~ Hartlepool long for a League One rival; co-operation in Sheffield
Creating monsters ~ Resistance to a club merger in Brussels; how the Thames Valley Royals nearly came to be
Focus on... ~ Victory Internationals, a series played in the aftermath of the Second World War
Match of the month ~ The focus is on athletics but Gateshead go top of the Conference as Cambridge United share the points on Tyneside
Supporting role ~ Compensation after a thrashing is wrong; plus the perpetually indignant, abusive fan
Euro view ~ Spanish clubs forced to take responsibility; Joe Cole dazzles on his Lille debut
Ireland ~ Player “poaching” stokes north-south tension; George Best’s short stay in Cork
World view ~ Tabloid tittle-tattle in Peru; Lebanon on the rise; drinking culture in Brazil
Books ~ Walcott sprouts wings; Liverpool’s birth; Robert Enke biography; Red Nev tells all
Letters ~ Dear WSC, as much as it pains me to say...
Last word ~ The Five Ages of football