Editorial ~ England’s vicious circle
News watch ~ Why the tabloids had a subdued summer; plus friend or foe – how Italy sees Capello
Shot! ~ From Argentine idols to Ghanian choirs, the wide variety of fans in South Africa
Group stage diary ~ “A goal for all Africa.” “Our knowledge of these teams is limited.” “I didn’t fancy him, still don’t.” “Got to change it now, the Svenster.” “Ghana are as keen as a badger.”
National psychosis ~ How the Premier League has failed to boost England; plus Mike Straight on why everything will be fine
Seeing South Africa ~ A reporter’s impressions of the host nation outside the media bubble
Virtual reality ~ The perils of trying to watch every game of the tournament on the internet
Just for laughs ~ Banal World Cup TV – James Corden unavoidable
Crowd scenes ~ Getting noticed on the big screen
Knockout stage diary ~ “Weather you’d expect at Port Vale.” “Dancing to the African beat.” “Brazil score a British goal!” “A knee to the lower carriage.” “What’s Spanish for a Bafta – a Bafto?”
World Cup finalists ~ Spain are short on goals but still worthy winners while Holland’s reputation is damaged in a fractious finale
France & Germany ~ A government inquest begins into the French flop; huge crowds in Berlin salute the progress made by Joachim Löw’s team
South America ~ Despair in Brazil as the Selecção slump to a surprise defeat. Meanwhile, Uruguay record their best performance in 40 years
USA ~ Second-round elimination fails to convince Bob Bradley’s critics
WSC survey ~ Have your say on the World Cup, football grounds and WSC
Blind faith ~ Supporting England no matter what and even enjoying it