Editorial ~ Club debt doesn’t worry the Premier League
Newswatch ~ Reaction to Liverpool’s loss and Spurs’ gain
Sidelines ~ Changes at MOTD2; the unfulfilled potential of Twitter; “Roy Keane’s Ipswich”; a psychological study of football
Shot! ~ Sheffield Wednesday down, Barnet survive
Manchester United ~ The future for the Glazer protests
England’s World Cup songs ~ No sense of national pride as the cast of Hollyoaks, Chris Kamara and a collection of commentators hit the studio
Italia 90 film ~ The danger of nostalgia
TV interviews ~ How tedious soundbites are promoted by the media
Match of the month ~ Charlton host Leeds, as the promotion-chasing visitors’ agony drags on
Shot! Archive ~ Highbury in the 1950s
As good as it got ~ Mossley AFC trip to Wembley
The Titus Bramble effect ~ Certain footballers are never as bad as they’re claimed to be
Notts County & Darlington ~ A sense of shame at Meadow Lane; plus a positive spin on relegation to the Conference
Strange case of ~ Dani, West Ham’s male model
Euro view ~ Germany’s capital loses a top-division team; Czechoslovakia possibly reunited by football
Half-time entertainment ~ From paper aeroplanes to testicles
World view ~ Altitude problems in Bolivia; FIFA’s pre-World Cup aggression
Reviews ~ Viv Anderson’s misfortune; World Cup tips; Yorke’s trophy-hunting; English failure
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I really must say...
Season in brief ~ Serie A 2005-06