Editorial ~ Big Four set-backs no cause for national woe
News watch ~ The difficulties in describing Lionel Messi; David Sullivan’s silly stunt at West Ham
Sidelines ~ Pundits make themselves irrelevant; the unfair distribution of academy cash; Swindon’s star striker; website no-nos
Shot! ~ Southport’s successful Easter
The return of José Mourinho ~ How the English press got all of a fluster while the Italians remained unimpressed
Celtic collapse ~ A missed opportunity for Tony Mowbray
Labour’s proposals ~ The relationship between football and politics has turned full circle
Looking after number one? ~ An increase in parachute payments
Musical chairs ~ The new big cheese at the Football League
Match of the month ~ A final season at Chesterfield’s 19th-century ground, where Hereford are the visitors
Shot! Archive ~ Blackpool visit Millwall in 1971
Negative tactics ~ The obstacles facing potential new coaches
Walter Tull ~ The campaign for a footballing pioneer
Euro view ~ Suspicious minds in Russia’s capital; the League of Ireland’s youngest club
Strange case of ~ Chris Smalling, from Maidstone to Man Utd
World view ~ Chile’s populist president; football spirit on the Red Sea; crowd control in Argentina
World Cup 1954 ~ Swiss defensive tactics fail in 40C heat
Reviews ~ A new view of Trautmann; Clough’s scout; languorous Le Tissier; the decline of Luton
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I really must say...
Season in brief ~ Division One 1968-69