Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Troubled times at Carrow Road, a Millwall legend recalled, fiddling with the divisions in Scotland.
Power failure ~ How the greed of the First Division clubs may yet be the League’s undoing
Can you manage? ~ Why everyone loves Mark McGhee, more or less, and useful tips for chairmen
The war of succession ~ Who will be the next FA chairman: an assessment of the runners and riders
Party time ~ How Labour would cure all football’s ills, just like that
Sick baggies ~ West Brom’s living nightmare
Fit to burst ~ Why clubs’ lengthy injury lists are often self-inflicted
Leeds from the front ~ The Venezuelan reaction to an unexpected Championship victory
Don roaming ~ The drawbacks of moving to a new town; a vision of the future for Cardiff; merging on the ridiculous in Poland
Getting the boot ~ A salutary lesson for a tough guy and how to spot a hard player
A readers’ digest ~ All you need to know about football, in one page
It’s that man again ~ What the Bosman judgment means, and its likely effects on youth football