Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Lurching towards a European league; more Bosman spin-offs; the many uses of an entourage; why drugs and Leyton Orient don’t mix
Dublin dons ~ In response to the article last month, why some people think Wimbledon should move across the Irish Sea
Red lights ~ We’re in a new era of Liverpool dominance – no one can match them for public appearances in nightclubs, catwalks and car showrooms
Land of the giants ~ Centre-halves are under threat, but you can help
A mess in the US ~ How the CONCACAF Gold Cup was tarnished
A northern light ~ Iain Dowie’s rise to godlike status in Northern Ireland
Women & football ~ Two views on why the game is increasingly less of a male preserve, and what that might mean for the future
Scotland ~ Edinburgh’s wilderness years; revolution on the Tweed; the strange case of the disappearing club
A ray of sunshine ~ How one manager’s talents might be put to better use
Out of Africa ~ Why George Weah has succeeded where other players haven’t – and who’s to blame
Publications ~ Including WSC, a snip at £1.50
Letters ~ Several ‘a’s, plenty of ‘p’s, a ‘z’ here and there