Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Reasons for the lack of Asian players in League football; a new/old book about fighting; questioning clubs’ interest in their disabled fans
Brought to book ~ How inconsistent refs have come to be the bane of Man City supporters; why Brian Little encouraged his players to transgress
Devon creamed ~ Torquay Utd are in a bit of a pickle – but they may yet avoid the drop into the Conference
Diary of a somebody ~ The (genuine) jottings of a Dutch football star
A choice of viewing ~ How pay-per-view football has come to France, and the chances of it being introduced here soon
The matchday experience ~ The many and varied ways to keep up with the score
Music & football ~ A browse around the links between football and music, from the late 60s through to the present day, via fanzines and some very bad 45s
Living in the past ~ Zounds and forsooth, is football about to enter a new Middle Ages?
34    Bill and bob ~ How a long-time second in command came to outstrip the achievements of his former boss
Ruhr power ~ The rise and fall and rise of Borussia Dortmund
Publications ~ Fanzines from A to Z
Letters ~ Dear WSC, Please stop it. Yours sincerely, A Reader