Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Two fanzines’ efforts to curb derby day violence; Man Utd acknowledge a supporters’ campaign; Italian fans demand to be heard
Righteous brothers ~ How their mother’s recent death shed some light on the stormy relationship between Bobby and Jackie  Charlton
Laying down the law ~ European politicians get together to discuss crowd control for Euro 96
Can you manage, pet? ~ Contrasting views on the capabilities of Barry Fry and Howard Wilkinson
We only asked ~ Test your knowledge of footy trivia and win super cash prizes (kidding about the last bit)
What’s the bid idea? ~ The keenly contested race to host the Asian World Cup in 2002; does medieval keepy uppy have a future?; science fiction coming to a stadium near you soon(if you live in Japan, that is)
It’s that man again ~ The EU commissioner gives his views on the Bosman judgment; plus a suggestion for how British clubs might cope
State of the chart ~ A visual guide to England’s likely fate this summer
Narrowing the dangle ~ Coining a term for the irritating things that players do
The art of heading ~ How to put your big lads to best use
Fanzine list
Sitting bull ~ A tricky problem created by all-seater stadiums