Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ How an in-flight drink can get out of hand; the latest ruminations on 1966; why Terry should turn back the clock even further; a cup final that wasn’t beamed live into the nation’s living rooms 
Gathering of the tribes ~ A peek at some of the weird subcultures that exist around the fringes of Euro 96
United states ~ Now the shouting has died down, we reveal how the Premiership was won, and lost
Trouble at t’Millwall ~ A torrid tale of  the nightmare season that slowly unfolded before the eyes of New Den regulars
Victorian values ~ Celebrating the centenary of a great era for football inventions 
Extra teams ~ A concise history of the European Championships followed by the second part of our Euro 96 guide with the lowdown on the teams playing in Groups C and D, including  the hairiest man in Turkey, the Portuguese keeper who thinks he’s good-looking, and the Russian who collects soft toys
Brazil nuts ~ The escapades of various Brazilian players demonstrate that England isn’t the only place where disciplinary problems are overshadowing the game
Grounds for a change ~ The difficulties of photographing football grounds for Simon Inglis’ new book, also reviewed; why Chesterfield fans don’t want to move from their ancestral home