Editorial & sidelines ~ Brief excursions into Europe; Brummie Dave grumbling again; the effects of positive drinking; law and disorder in Turin; how to make Jamie jealous
Three of a kind ~ Cheer up Man City fans, at least you don’t support Brighton; cheer up Brighton fans, at least you don’t support Cowdenbeath; cheer up Cowdenbeath fans at least you don’t support, er . . .
Keen Sleeves ~ Calamitous events at a six-a-side tournament in Germany help to shed light on a durable myth about English footballers
The league of nations ~ Why every club worth its salt these days has an Australian on the books; why players from all over are flocking to Barnsley; the seasonal migration of chubby English lads to a provincial Spanish city
Chris on a bike ~ Pilgrims flock to Falkirk for a glimpse of the fabled dribbling Messiah
Screen and screen again ~ Just a small sample of the footy-related entertainment soon to be made available to couch potatoes throughout the land
Reviewing the situation ~ New books about-football
Home alone ~ The story of an Arab team making their mark in the Israeli first division
Our survey says... ~ A round up of your responses to the most recent readers’ questionnaire, and a report on the Premiership’s own research into fans’ opinions
Publications ~ The big fanzine list plus news from Loftus Road
Letters ~ Diego writes this month