Editorial, diary & Sidelines ~ Thoughts on Matthew Harding; the case of the disappearing Swede; causes of the stadium disaster in Guatemala; Scottish managers running hither and thither; fixture foul-ups in the Nationwide
Three of a kind ~ The relaunch of the first anti-racism campaign to be supported by the football authorities; why West Bromwich Albion are lagging behind where once they blazed a trail; a Jewish supporter’s views on the Bosnich controversy
The art of losing ~ Why we should stick with what we’re best at (no, not pigeon fancying)
Catch a falling star ~ Reflections on the growing disorder in the lives of two troubled footballing talents – Paul Gascoigne and Diego Maradona – and what the future may hold for them
Tactical error ~ Calling a halt to the wave of sophisticated thinking that is sweeping, sort of, through the nation’s football teams
Looking left and right ~ Football’s usefulness to the main political parties in the build up to the next election, links between politics and football in Italy and Germany and the extent to which local football in Northern Ireland is being used for political ends
Englishmen abroad ~ An easy to follow guide to surviving a Champions League fixture in Bucharest
A league of their own ~ A report on the inaugural season of Major League Soccer in the USA
Publications ~ The big fanzine list, plus why Chester fans like Division Three
Letters ~ Green balls and 1966 again