Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Will Labour return to Hillsborough?; The perils of travelling away; divisions within the Conference; Chesterfield in the spotlight
The rocket man ~ An exceptional individual about to bid  farewell to Spurs
Shave and shave again ~ Hoping for a return to the days when every team contained at least a couple of players who had no use for a comb
Northern exposure ~ Focus on Scotland: Tommy Burns bows out; Meadowbank fans move on;  Premier pretenders dallying in Division One
Fancy meeting you ~ Pithy conversations between footballers and WSC readers in a variety of locations at home and abroad
Leagues apart ~ Barnsley and Bolton happy to be leaving the  League behind,  Birmingham and Millwall resigned to staying put for another season at least
The art of running ~ Headless chickens through history
Tactical breakdown ~ A football experiment in progress in a Central American jungle
Bulgarian about ~ How Germany tried and failed to avenge their defeat to Hristo and co in the 1994 World Cup finals  
Warhorses for courses ~ Reasons for arguing that old footballers receive far too much respect these days (not from us, mind)
Money for nothing ~ South Africa appear to be leading the football world when it comes to corruption within their FA
Plus Letters, Webwatch