Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ Why too much television is bad for you, especially if you’re a ref; fair shares for some at Southampton; the Tartan Army under siege; a familiar face at Forest
Protest and survive ~ Brighton get a boost from fans of the other League clubs, while fellow strugglers Hull City sink further in debt
Magical mystery tour ~ On the heritage trail at Old Trafford where the past is becoming an integral part of the present
The art of shouting ~ Cover your ears
One rule for the rich ~ Likely Swiss champions Grasshoppers will be disadvantaged by the new Champions League format, but they like it anyway, the mad fools
Putting out feeders ~ Some Premiership sides want to get on better with their smaller neighbours – but the relationships will be strictly one-way
Howard’s way ~ Methods of play expertly dissected by England’s new tactical supremo
Sounds of violence ~ Crowd trouble is escalating in Eastern Europe where fans continue to see the English as role models
A room with a view ~ Fulsome tribute to a legendary facility at Runcorn
Wrong place wrong time ~ In praise of players whose contribution to their clubs will not be easily forgotten
Walker back to happiness ~ Luton fans despair when a goal-shy defender suddenly became a top class finisher
A sick note ~ Calls of nature can come at the worst time – like during a football match
Plus Letters, Webwatch