Editorial, diary & sidelines ~ The derby riot at Ashton Gate; a palaver in Portugal; latest from the  Brighton barricades; Jean-Marc’s first anniversary; Gianluca’s undergarments
Play for today ~ Looking for answers to the questions posed by the recent Hillsborough drama-documentary
Fearing the worst ~ A sneak preview of the terrifying new tourist attraction that is tailor-made for football fans   
Bottom’s up ~ Will Forest still be a Premiership club when their boardroom battle is resolved? Can Blackburn rediscover their glorious past of...two years ago?   
January sales~ Why  League position will soon count for less in the boardroom than a club’s standing on the FT Index  
Official inquiries ~ An assessment of the hardest opponents the Nigerian football team faces – their own administrators
Leaving home ~ Local reaction to the surprise news that Everton may be about to bid farewell to Goodison Park
Restricted view ~ The problems brought about by football broadcasts on a big screen in London and on the small screen in the Netherlands
The supporting life ~ Identifying the most commonly found football fan types – yes, you’re in there
Orient relegated ~ Disaster for Korea and Japan at the 1996 Asian Nations Cup
Plus Letters, Webwatch