Editorial, Diary & Sidelines ~ TV personalities; Heysel replaced by King Baudoin; relegation in Rio; FA in a flap about drugs; one of the Scottish ‘soccerati’ writes
Channel hoping ~ A survey of the plans many Premier League clubs have for running their own television stations – and the dire programmes that viewers will be confronted with
HH OK ~ A tribute to a legendary, and maligned, coach who died last month
Art of tactics ~ A pictorial guide to coaching through the ages
Route of the problem ` Why two Irish League officials listening to a radio broadcast provoked an outburst of road rage
Owning up ~ How we came to enter the era of the millionaire-owner and why their arrival has changed football for good; why Portsmouth’s poor form hasn’t damaged Terry Venables’ popularity in the town; Brentford fans’ fears about what David Webb may be planning for their club
Seasons of goodwill ~ Memories of Christmases past: a bizarre goal at Oxford and ludicrous scorelines in the 1930s
Fancy meeting you ~ More revelatory encounters between football folk and WSC readers plus a new book about football culture
A qualified success ~ Views on how the USA and Japan might do in the 1998 World Cup finals, and a post-mortem on Hungary’s comprehensive thrashing by Yugoslavia in the European play-offs
Publications ~ The main list plus a Boro fanzine nearing 200 issues
Plus Letters, Webwatch