Editorial, Diary & Sidelines ~ The ‘return’ of hooliganism; the Task Force tackles racism; the new Old Firm; Falkirk in liquidation; FSA World Cup plans denied official support
Name That Toon ~ The Newcastle scandal as seen from Tyneside, plus how the story developed in the press
Theatre of Eight ~ A day of dismissals and disappearing refs at Barnsley
Art of Team Selection ~ How sides get picked
Room at the Top ~ Wolves & QPR can’t get up: Palace keep going up and down
Having it all ~ How South American football will be reshaped by laws encouraging corporate investment
A League Apart ~ That pesky European super league and why it won’t work
Guardian Angels ~ The shortage of top-class English keepers, plus the rise and fall of David James and Andy Goram
Best of the Rest ~ The stories the media miss through their obsession with the Premiership
Man of the Moment ~ The World Cup heroes who have appeared from nowhere
Plus Letters, Webwatch