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Chat roulette How tedious soundbites are promoted by the media
"It's easy to be cynical about modern football, so I'd like to begin with a positive statement – the World Cup is great. Even if you missed out on FIFA's wheeze of selling match tickets in South African supermarkets and won't be there yourself, the competition gives the summer shape. I doubt I'm the only person impatiently awaiting the World Cup wallcharts so that barbecues, beach trips and weddings can be slotted into the gaps between group deciders, or quarter-finals B and C." Buy here to read the full article

The joy of failure Why footballers are now viewed by extremes
"I haven't heard much about Titus Bramble lately. I can't say I've followed his career assiduously but I'm definitely hearing less about him than I used to. Time was when he seemed to be everywhere – pranging cars, giving away soft goals and attracting cheap gags from anyone with an opinion on the game. Once the epitome of "comedy defending", the term of choice for caustically humorous bloggers and writers everywhere, Bramble seems to have slipped out of the public eye. Well, out of my eye anyway." Buy here to read the full article

Ill-gotten gains
A successful but deeply uncomfortable season at Meadow Lane
"I have an awful admission to make. I am a Notts County fan (that's not it) and a strange thing has happened to me during our farcical season. Having had nothing much to celebrate since we won the old Third Division championship in 1998, I spent the majority of my team's League Two title-winning season hoping that our challenge crumbled." Buy here to read the full article

Out of tune England's 2010 World Cup songs
"There has this year been an overwhelming spate of underwhelming pro-England World Cup songs, most of which sound like they were bashed out in a greenhouse-cum-home studio. All of these share that peculiarly English sense of entitlement to the trophy as if 1966's victory had rendered it our personal property, since unjustly passed around from the Brazilians, Germans and Italians, with a typically exasperating foreign emphasis on keeping possession. Forty-four years of hurt is the common sub-text – surely it must be our turn again this year – and not, ooh, the Dutch, the Spanish, any African team, any eastern European team." Buy here to read the full article

Club debt doesn't worry the Premier League
Reaction to Liverpool's loss and Spurs' gain
Changes at MOTD2; the unfulfilled potential of Twitter; "Roy Keane's Ipswich"; a psychological study of football
Sheffield Wednesday down, Barnet survive in photographs
The future for the Glazer protests
An Italia 90 film shows the danger of nostalgia
How tedious soundbites are promoted by the media
Charlton host Leeds, as the promotion-chasing visitors' agony drags on
Highbury in the 1950s
Darlington's positive spin on relegation  to the Conference
Dani, West Ham's male model
Germany's capital loses a top-division team; Czechoslovakia possibly reunited by football
Pennine pride – Mossley AFC take 10,000 to Wembley
Half-time entertainment, from paper aeroplanes to testicles
Altitude problems in Bolivia; FIFA's pre-World Cup aggression
Season in brief Serie A 2005-06.

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Illustrations by Matt Littler and Tim Bradford

Comments (2)
Comment by alyxandr 2010-05-24 20:53:24

Issues tend to arrive in the US late in the 3rd week of the month - i hope this one arrives before the WC is over...

Comment by alyxandr 2010-05-25 18:21:53

...and of course it arrived mere hours later. Premature whining - it works!

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