Editorial ~ That “inevitable” European league again
Diary ~ Alex would like Dwight to move in but John is against it. Pierre, meanwhile, has fallen out with Dave and might be prepared to meet with Alex...
Sidelines ~ The flaws in the police’s “intelligence gathering”; your opinions on the World Cup; double trouble at Ajax
Owning Up ~ One new buyer wanted at Oldham, and another welcomed at Doncaster
Capacity for Trouble ~ How clubs’ complacency could cause another stadium disaster
Season’s Wishes ~ Our preview of 98-99, from Arsenal’s aims in Europe to Dundee’s dream of second-bottom spot, via Pulp’s influence on Hull City
41st Time Lucky ~ Recording an achievement that St Johnstone last managed when Grandad by Clive Dunn was in the charts
A Matter of Debate ~ A WSC panel ponder where the game is heading: is the FA’s view of Englishness mirrored by England hooligans; how Arsène Wenger’s success might affect our football culture; will the current boom end in an almighty implosion...
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