Editorial ~ Hooliganism and the profit motive
News watch ~ A war of the words; crackdown on dissent
Shot! ~ Cowdenbeath, where football and cars mix
Sidelines ~ The BBC reshuffle; Cambridge circus; poaching young players; web pundit palaver
New Wembley woe ~ Why the rebuilt stadium just doesn’t quite feel worth the fuss, or expense
Adrian Mutu ~ Five years on the Fiorentina player is still trying to escape his former club
European unity ~ Scottish clubs consider a winter break; why the neutral English fan has lost the nationalist feeling
Match of the month ~ Manchester City’s millionaires visit the Palace
Shot! archive ~ Street games and seaside souvenirs  of the north-west in the 1960s
Sir Bobby Robson ~ Remembering his legacy at Ipswich
Relatively speaking ~ When your brother plays several leagues higher, and is younger than you
FA Cup giantkillers ~ Why Altrincham feel left out
Chris Powell ~ The veteran left-back and PFA chairman talks to WSC about his hopes for the game
Euro view ~ Italian leagues split; foreigners in Moscow
Players’ injuries in the 1950s ~ Before the days of isotonic drinks
Football crazy ~ How the media perception of fans may be affecting the way some behave 
World view ~ College entry into MLS; Europe’s first Iraqi; Peruvian peril; free football in Argentina
Reviews ~ Celtic in the Sixties; economic explanations; two tales of Wigan; Dave Jones’s defence
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I couldn’t help noticing...
Season in brief ~ Swiss Nationalliga A, 1988-89