Editorial ~ UEFA’s unnecessary extras
News watch ~ Man City mayhem; high hopes for England
Shot! ~ Two historic names clash as Bradford PA host Bishop Auckland in the FA Cup
Sidelines ~ Attention deficit on ITV; contentious keeper; Stanley stuck; player plain speaking
Glaswegian gloom ~ Scotland’s World Cup hopes reach a premature ending, as predicted
The homes of football ~ Buy a pricey flat at Highbury; competition in Oldham for a new venue
Match of the month ~ Aldershot visit Crewe, who are now back in the bottom division
CCTV controversy ~ A Spurs fan clears his name
Supporting cast ~ ID cards in Italy; tracksuits to the fore in a hooligan film  
Shot! archive ~ Charlton Athletic’s post-war heyday
Euro view ~ A possible white elephant in Ukraine; Belgian tensions; Red Bull’s latest foray
Strange case of... ~ Chris Birchall, replacing DB in LA?
Youth development ~ Why a dearth of good coaches is causing England to fall behind 
Number crunching ~ New rules on squad sizes; the odd phenomenon of the high shirt number
Protecting players ~ An organisation attempting to help vulnerable young footballers from Africa
World View ~ False figures in Brazil; Indian revival
Bar the shouting ~ The perils of viewing football in the pub
Reviews ~ Beckham abroad; a novelist goes in goal; sober St Mirren stalwart; Clough and Leeds
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I must get this off my chest...
Season in brief ~ Division One, 1989-90