Editorial ~ Portsmouth pandemonium 
News watch ~ Bye-bye Birmingham; naming and shaming
Shot! ~ Barnsley welcome cross-Pennine visitors
Sidelines ~ Ray Stubbs reappears; some hope for the women’s game; administration agonies; horrible headlining
Net gains ~ Heading down stream for a live match; getting the media message on Twitter
Loving the Football League ~ How Scandinavian broadcasting led the way 
Changes in fan culture ~ Does following the game turn into an addiction that can alter lives?  
World Cup 2010 ~ Honduras – not just interested in football; European play-off controversy
Small nations ~ Andorra’s low ambitions; how to be a footballer’s parent
Shot! Archive ~ The social evolution of the World Cup from Italy to Germany via the US and Japan
SPL ~ Rangers hit the buffers; a Scottish fan looks forward to the Old Firm moving out 
Match of the month ~ An industrial clash on the north-east coast in a league that’s changing with the times
Euro View ~ Financial frenzy for the Dutch champions; Christian Vieri in telephone trouble
World View ~ Local pride in Ecuador’s football valley; another national coach for South Africa
As good as it got ~ How Tranmere nearly became Merseyside’s third top-level club in the early 1990s 
Reviews ~ Best of times for BurnleyMotson’s memoirs; cocky McKenzie; German generalisations
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I must get this off my chest...
Season in brief ~ Division Two, 1949-50