Editorial ~ Mayhem at Manchester City
Newswatch ~ The thorny issue of a GB football team at the 2012 Olympics, and what British players might learn from the Beijing medallists
Shot! ~ Scenes from the Scottish Junior leagues
Sidelines ~ Match of the Day in the 1980s; clubs to foot the bill for policing; Gretna restart in a park
Player behaviour ~ The new Respect campaign and why it won’t work; plus moves to cut down on swearing in north-east England
Chelsea news ~ The pitfalls of working on a club magazine
The strange case of... ~ Bernd Stange, the coach who specialises in working for totalitarian regimes
Long throw-ins ~ A specialist skill makes an overdue comeback
Formula football ~ The launch of a motorsport series involving cars endorsed by top clubs
Shot archive ~ A brief glimpse of the FA Cup in 1964 
Euro view ~ Russian plans for an autumn-to-spring season; how Georgian football will be affected by the current hostilities; a Cypriot shock in the Champions League
Match of the month ~ Global wealth is transforming QPR, whose visitors Doncaster exist in a different world
World view ~ Mark Bosnich goes in goal again; Brazil’s Olympic disappointments; Argentine footballers on false passports
Soccer celebrities ~ The story of the Showbiz XI; plus the game’s changing relationship with the pop world
WSC readers’ survey ~ Your responses to our questions
Reviews ~ Arsenal in microcosm; China falling for football?; Mike Summerbee mixes it; holding forth on Owen Hargreaves
Letters ~ Dear WSC, I really have to say...
Season in brief ~ Turkey in 1974-75, where Brazilian expertise secured a title for Fenerbahce