Editorial ~ What you can do to help England improve
Newswatch & Webwatch ~ How a turbulent end to Euro 2008 qualifying was covered in print and online
Shot! ~ The FA Cup first-round proper
Sidelines ~ Luton lurching; Brazil’s disputed titles; Ebbsfleet bought out by a website
England Flop ~ Farewell to Steve McClaren; why some club supporters don’t care about the national team; the cost of Euro 2008 failure. Plus a shock-jock gives it to you straight
African Champions League ~ A shock in Cairo as a Tunisian side win the continent’s top trophy
Shot Archive ~ Good times at Elland Road in 1972 for scarf-wearing boys
Violence in Italy ~ The shooting of a sleeping Lazio fan provokes fresh anguish, as the investigation continues into a policeman’s death last February
Match of the Month ~ A trip to Hull leads to the departure of Preston’s beleaguered manager
Nationality Disputes ~ Why Northern Ireland-born players can now turn out for the Republic, plus a San Marinese who didn’t want to be Italian and why a Catalan would say no to Spain
Christmas Parties ~ How easily things can get out of hand when footballers wear fancy dress
Swindon & Gretna found out ~ When Swindon became the only team to concede 100 Premier League goals in a season and the SPL newcomers’ struggles
Letter From Australia ~ Need a new national coach after their first choice did a runner
Reviews ~ Barry Davies declaims; the Irish revolution at Sunderland; Peter Ridsdale regrets; Graeme Le Saux is singled out
Letters ~ Dear WSC... Here’s what we think
Season In Brief ~ East Germany in 1989-90, when the Stasi team’s domination was broken