Editorial ~ Newcastle’s annual manager cull
Diary ~ Keanes on the move; own goals a-gogo; Gullit finally goes
Sidelines ~Filming the next rubbish footy movie; empty seats at Spurs and Rangers; American football coach comes to save Chester
Conference ~ The first 20 years of a national non-League division
Alex Ferguson ~ Michael Crick leafs through the most hyped football book of the year and finds some odd gaps
Leicester City ~ They’re hoping to move to Bede Island South, sounds lovely, but it isn’t
Art of Ball Control  ~ We still haven’t got it
Match Fixing ~ Attempts to ensure the right result have a long history, though none have involved floodlights before
Graham Kelly ~ The former FA chief executive holds forth on the Premier League, England’s World Cup bid and his own resignation
Romania ~ Death on the pitch, bent refereeing and a hint of fascism    
Asia ~ They’ve got the World Cup, so what better time to boycott it?
Carlisle ~ Michael Knighton, still crazy after all these years
Worst Referees ~ A feast of horrendous mistakes, especially recommended for Clive Thomas fans
Football Myths ~ Leeds United: the rehabilitation starts here
Plus Webwatch, Letters