Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ How they fix the Champions League; Scarborough scarred; sectarianism at Rangers, of all places; Souness spreads more magic; Barrow run out of town
Trebles All Round ~ Final thoughts on ticket chaos in Barcelona, Munich’s vanity punctured, and a surprisingly good deal for a City fan
Season to Taste ~ WSC’s writers look back on 1998-99, exchange testy words and reveal an unfathomable liking for Alan Green
Alien Nation ~ They come over here, take our Player of the Year awards... Why it’s about time we got used to foreign players, why there will be more here soon, and why they have found relatively cosy homes in Ipswich and Darlington
Folding Sides ~ Cris Freddi delves down to the bottom of the Andorran League and other unsavoury places in his quest to find the very worst teams of the century
Date with Destiny ~ Use our personal matchmaking service to find your fantasy chairman
Trouble Brewing  ~ The hoolie nostalgia industry is booming. But now the real thing could be on the way back
Steel Yourself ~ Kevin Keegan’s house and dozens of other places to visit in Scunthorpe
Plus Letters, Webwatch