Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ Wages panic; Clydebank in balance; hooliganism bill; drugs in Berwick; Der Kaiser
Farewell Sir Alf ~ Cris Freddi looks back on a strange and wonderful life
United Front ~ Man Utd’s escape from Sky, plus books on growing up Red
Orient Expression ~ Leyton’s  Community Scheme – it even got Barry Hearn keen
Art of Kickabouts ~ Get off that Playstation and have some old-fashioned fun
Low Country ~ Belgium’s disastrous preparation for Euro 2000
Flagging Finals ~ Remember Man Utd v Liverpool in 1996? There’s been worse
Trophy Bitter ~ The end of the European Cup-Winners Cup and all it stood for – whatever that was
Giggsygoaaaal! ~ Savour that  golden strike for ever with our top-quality memento
Upwardly Mobile ~ Cheltenham Town climb the ladder, as do Maidstone (only much more slowly)
Brazil v ... ~ Oh all right, it’s about Guatemala really
The Owen Story ~ Summer reading from Michael’s own bookshelf
Plus Webwatch, Letters