Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ Fowler v Le Saux; African Nations Cup row; Kohler out at Luton; Goldberg not far behind; Harold Hornsey, hero in Hartlepool; players’ strike in Argentina; Andy Goram in tabloid exposé shock
Save Tayside Two ~ Dundee merger talk sparks outbreak of ignorance
David Davies Eyes ~ Further ambitions of the man at the heart of the FA cock-ups
Latin Leaders ~ Trials and tribulations ahead for the new coaches of Colombia and Brazil
Selling Dummies ~ How the contenders for the England job would package themselves, if they had any sense
Stadium Tours ~ The meaning of Wembley; why the Stade de France is lonely; new monsters for the millennium in Cardiff and Manchester
Race Promotion ~ The rows over racial abuse that have marred Sunderland’s season
Book Ends ~ Latest developments in the continuing love affair between hooliganism and publishing
Sale of the Century ~ The most disastrous transfers down the decades – they nearly make Stéphane Guivarc’h look like a bargain
Plus Webwatch, Letters