Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ Goodbye Glenn; commerce in Cannes; Blackpool run into the sand; Ken Richardson gets what-for; shenanigans  in Prague; a bluffer’s guide to Wigan; Swindon’s Rikki Hunt, what a mountaineer
Forest Fallout ~ Grandiose promises that came to nothing at the City Ground
The Art of Scuffling ~ How to tell your argy-bargy from your handbags   
20th Century Knocks ~ The worst fouls of the past 100 years (over-18s only)
Closed Shop ~ The latest reconstruction of the Scottish league and domestic misery at Queen of the South
Meddling with Kids ~ Young people today, eh? Tackling the youth problem in Leeds, Rotherham and the US
Turn OFT ~ The court action against the Premier League’s TV deal
Corner Shop ~ The unloved landmark that blighted Bolton’s last years at Burnden Park
Diverse Attractions ~ Why a change in Germany’s citizenship law may help them get a more interesting football team
Britain Ahoy! ~ A cut-out-and-keep guide to the Premier Leagues for any aspiring foreign footballer. And it’s all within easy reach of London’s West End
Plus Webwatch, Letters