Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ World Cup saturation in the 21st century; Chester City teetering on the brink; Celtic’s man in Melbourne; Hooligans back on the front page; a bluffer’s guide to York City; Mr Posh
No Time For Charity ~ The use of  football for political ends in Northern Ireland  
Money Matters ~ The financial crises afflicting Oxford and Portsmouth   
Lancaster Gate-gate ~ In the wake of the money-for-votes scandal, a look at the FA’s standing in the world plus views from Wales and Wiseman HQ in Southampton 
Our Survey Said... ~ WSC writers’ new year wishes
Up for the Cup ~ Saluting the unsung hero who guards the FA Cup
Played off the Park ~ When Sunday players hang up their boots
Keeping On ~ Hans Segers’s account of foot­ball’s “trial of the century”
Israel United? ~ Internal rifts could hamper Israel’s chances of qualifying for Euro 2000
Building Sight ~ Taking a stand at Molineux
Celta Survive ~ Proof from the Spanish league that a global transfer policy can produce positive results
Plus Webwatch, Letters