Editorial, Diary and Sidelines ~ Will English clubs really benefit from the forthcoming increase in European matches; Man Utd board under fire; Fiorentina banned from Europe; Spurs on screen, they hope; a bluffer’s guide to Torquay; saluting Hamilton Ricard
Northern Exposure ~ How Colchester got their FA Cup come-uppance in Northumberland
Order of the Boot ~ Reflections on Roy Evans’s delayed departure from Liverpool, and what might follow him   
Yule Love This ~ Some seasonal ideas for what to buy the footballer who has (nearly) everything
Third Class? ~ Ownership shenanigans at Scarborough, where the dread­ed Anton Johnson lurks, and a ground for concern in Barnet
Host of Problems ~ A look at the main candidates to be 2006 World Cup hosts
Rouble Trouble ~ Examining the financial crisis afflicting Russian football
Saint Peter ~ How to track down a reclusive Socceroo
Country Clubs ~ When the League tables have played a part in helping players get picked for England
Plus Webwatch, Letters