Editorial ~ Why Alan Shearer is the man fans love to bait
Diary ~ Champions League chugs on; Arsenal baffled by red cards; England bellyflop into Euro 2000; second chance for Cup losers
The Bigger Picture ~ Catch the magic of the Cup while it lasts
Sidelines ~ Icelanders swoop for Stoke; Brian Kidd on his way; Rayo Vallecano’s cheeky moment; Barry Hearn takes his cue 
Euro 2000 ~ Problems of identity for England; dangers of excess for Scotland; various shades of disappointment for Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. So, good news all round really
Year in Review ~ WSC contributors compare notes on 1999 and find Kevin Keegan’s tactical nous is about the only thing they agree on
Worst Seasons ~ Cris Freddi concludes his year-long series with a look at some that were truly diabolical
Seasonal Gifts ~ Presents you definitely won’t find in the shops
Euro Super Leagues ~ Celtic and Ajax want one for teams that can’t get into the real one. So will Milan soon, and serves them right
Berlin ~ Ten years on from the fall of the Wall, the clubs of Europe’s most under-achieving football city are  still on shaky ground
Mascots ~ Every club should have one, but not necessarily the one they’ve got now
Football Myths ~ Finally, someone has a good word to say about Graeme Souness’s reign at Liverpool
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