Editorial ~ Premiership shocked as Africans play in Africa
Diary ~ Tranmere beat everyone; Man Utd roll over in Rio; Leicester show off in shoot-outs; Gillingham set sights on Europe
The Bigger Picture ~ Franz Beckenbauer greets Johan Cruyff just prior to Bayern getting a battering in Amsterdam
Sidelines ~ Glenn Hoddle drops in at The Dell; a dire Highbury diary; Mr Bury decamps to Hong Kong; a PFA pioneer passes on; Hampden Park, what is it good for?
Veteran’s Day ~ Diego dices with death; Ian Rush sees Sydney
Art of Training ~ Getting fit throughout history
Britain v The World ~ Brazil stun Exeter City: exclusive
Vision On ~ Jim Rosenthal on television before and after BSkyB; views on what will replace the existing TV deal when it expires next year
Mark E Smith ~ On moaners, Murdoch and Malcolm Allison
Goodbye Gil ~ Atlético Madrid’s controversial former owner is caught out for creative accounting
Lancashire Hot Spot ~ How the other clubs in Manchester cope with having a global brand for a neighbour; Preston do battle with history; Tangerine dreams at Bloomfield Road
Football Myths Back on the march with Ally’s Army
Plus Webwatch, Letters