Editorial ~ What next for Wimbledon?
Diary ~ Bradford still buoyant; Mike Reed celebrates being right; Alan Shearer puts club before country; Leicester do it again
The Bigger Picture ~ The day the League Cup began to be taken seriously
Sidelines ~ Downsizing at Celtic; Lazio attack from the right; Market day in Moscow; Underwear on show at Reading
The Pain in Spain ~ Stan Collymore bonds with his new pals
Ten Yard Rule ~ Players mind their language at Hartlepool
The First Knight ~ Remembering Sir Stanley
Gentlemen and Players ~ Gordon Taylor of the PFA puts forward the players’ perspective on the major issue s in football; why top players fight much more than their lower-division colleagues
(Dis)United Nations ~ Nigeria lose at home, controversially; Ivory Coast players are confined to barracks
Classic Literature ~ Charlton’s Jimmy Seed in his own write 
Polls Apart ~ The latest research into fans’ opinions; why sitting down at a match still costs an arm and a leg
Only a Game? ~ International football’s  return to Belfast in 1975
Football Myths ~ Staying sane between the sticks
Plus Webwatch, Letters