Editorial ~ Bums on seats at Wembley
Diary ~ Triumph after triumph for English clubs in Europe; Wenger confused; old keepers back in fashion; Chester go mad and score five
The Bigger Picture ~ The last time Leeds won the UEFA Cup, which was so long ago it wasn’t even called that
Sidelines ~ Futile protest at Dundee United; mayhem in Greece; Cardiff’s boardroom wrangles; rule changes in the MLS
Sheffield Wednesday ~ Danny Wilson goes and Joe Ashton says “I told you so”
George Best ~ Dave Hill surveys the press reaction to Best’s illness and wonders if it’s time to stop wallowing in nostalgia
The North East ~ Harry Pearson on the big clubs’ failure to notice all the good local players; Sunderland hammer Newcastle in public relations; Blyth Spartans survive John Burridge
Refugees ~ Millwall’s troubles over a busload of Kosovans; Barry Hearn speaks his mind and Leyton Orient fans wish he hadn’t
Bayern v Norwich ~ The day Jeremy Goss outshone Lothar Matthäus and Mike Walker seemed on the verge of the England job
Art of Wing Play ~ Before the rise of bastardised wing-backs
Fixture Overload ~ It’s commonly held that we’re playing far too many games. Correspondents in England, Spain and France disagree
Football Myths ~ England 1970 – not as good as you thought
Plus Webwatch, Letters