Euro 2000 review
Diary ~ All the goals , Goor to Trezeguet; Garth Crooks and his one-word questions;  bumble bees, flamethrowers and sewing kits
England fans ~ Reports from Belgium and Holland suggest not all the news is bad, but some old problems remain
World Cup bid ~ Why the violence in Charleroi has little to do with England’s failure to win influence within FIFA
Analysis ~ Cris Freddi ponders typecasting of France and Italy , the flaws of the great players and the influence of luck in the final outcome
Germany and Italy ~ While the Germans despair , Italy’s superficially encouraging performance at Euro 2000 raised as many questions as it answered about the future of their national team

Editorial ~ England’s latest bout of manic depression
The Bigger Picture ~ When Match of the Day was in its prime
TV Deal ~ If it’s Thursday, this must be Grimsby. The Football League has secured a television contract that gives its clubs a lot more money, but precious little of the peak time exposure they need
WSC Survey ~ Your chance to sound off about Euro 2000
South Yorkshire ~ The history of the Sheffield rivalry ; diverging fortunes for Barnsley and Rotherham ; lessons from rugby league
Scotland ~ Morton and Airdrie are the latest clubs in strife
Football Myths ~ Plucky Basques of Bilbao? Don’t you believe it
Plus Letters, Webwatch