Editorial ~ Clubs are spending too much cash on too many imports . Either that or the Figo saga shows how unambitious we are. You decide
Diary ~ To South Africa’s dismay Germany get the 2006 World Cup ;  Crystal Palace are bought at last; Nick Barmby pops up over the road at Liverpool; Overmars and Petit leave Arsenal for a big club
The Bigger Picture ~ A Charity Shield at Goodison Park
Sidelines ~ The Football Disorder Bill causes a row; Bad Keegan Book Shock; welcome to the world of Mr Lazio ; India’s debut at Fulham ; a written defence of Millwall
2006 World Cup ~ How the man from Oceania came to decide the destination of the world’s biggest sporting event
New Season Preview ~ WSC correspondents relive last season and predict what lies ahead over the next ten months in the English and Scottish leagues. It might be a good year for watching Blackburn Rovers, Darlington or Albion Rovers. Followers of Man City, Gillingham or Carlisle Utd , however, would be advised to close their eyes for a while
More Than A Match ~ Why Scarborough’s first day as a League club didn’t go quite as planned
Merseyside ~ How the Liverpool-Everton rivalry has adapted to changing times; Tranmere’s plans to lure fans from the Big Two; Chester and Wrexham slug it out on the border
Football Myths ~ Seen a good film lately? Was it about football?