Editorial ~ Bringing referees into disrepute
Diary ~ Harry Redknapp is tempted; David Beckham XI reach the World Cup finals; Chelsea don’t play away; Des back to 10.30
The bigger picture ~ In defence of West Ham
Sidelines ~ England manager in “comedy” film ; local clubs ignored by Welsh TV; the Bertie Mee generation; writing about hooliganism
France v Algeria ~ The pitch invasion that caused a recent international match to be abandoned
Sacked managers ~ Recent shake-ups at Leicester and Southampton ; a new service for chairmen
National teams v clubs ~ Whose interests should come first? 
Scotland & England ~ Why a Scottish bid for Euro 2008 won’t help Craig Brown’s successor; 1966 forever 
Football and TV ~ How the World Cup TV rights were bought for a low price ; is the TV-financed football boom coming to an end?
World Cup 2002 ~ China qualify at last ; football and politics mix in the Ukraine
Internet ~ Why many official club sites look identical
Strange case of ~ The winger who dazzled Stoke
Britain v the world ~ Man Utd’s triumph in Turin
Letter from ~ Why Galicia is Spain’s top football region
QPR ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
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