Editorial ~ The return of safe terracing?
Diary ~ Terry helps out Robbo at Boro; Cup shocks galore; John Gregory lashes out at everyone; Bates dumped at Wembley
The Bigger Picture ~ When Yeovil spoilt Len Shackleton’s day
Sidelines ~ Everton wait in vain for cash ; Portugal up in arms over Figo ; outrage greets “Man-Stock County” ; Port Vale slanging match
Alan Sugar ~ Farewell to the unloved Tottenham tycoon
David Coleman ~ Harry Pearson declines to join the clamour of nostalgic sycophancy for Britain’s most irritating commentator
G14 ~ The mega-clubs (and Liverpool) out to blackmail UEFA again
1966 ~ Shop All your Wembley World Cup Wingless Wonder needs under one roof
Africa ~ Reflections on a troubled year which ended in mayhem at the Champions League Cup final in Ghana
More than a Match ~ Essex row sorted at Southend v Canvey
East Anglia ~ Ipswich’s sudden dominance of Norwich ; Fen pals Cambridge and Peterborough ; why Colchester hate George Burley
Japan ~ World Cup preparations descend into ticket shemozzle
Britain v the World ~ When Bangor City put the wind up Napoli
Football Myths ~ Let’s hear it for the Scottish goalkeeping heroes
Plus Webwatch , Letters