Editorial ~ The new missile crisis
Diary ~ Man Utd back on top; Chelsea players arrested again; Sam Hammam goes walkabout; Cold Todd toddles off  
The bigger picture ~ A Jeff Astle goal
Sidelines ~ John Gregory goes ; York City face extinction ; Berti Vogts is Mr Scotland ; Footballers’ Wives ; East Stirling up sticks
Spectator riots ~ Were the incidents at the Cardiff v Leeds match mainly a fuss about nothing? Views from supporters of the two clubs. Also: why clubs can’t be choosy when appointing stewards ; the heyday of pitch invasions in the 1970s ; the media’s role in the recent crowd violence at Aberdeen v Rangers
Phone-ins ~ What use are arguments on the radio?
Managers ~ Bruce Rioch discusses his 20 years in management ; views from fans of Sunderland , Walsall and Barnsley on whether the manager should be blamed when a club is in trouble 
Strange case of ~ Joe Allon, a hero in Hartlepool
When referees relax ~ A sneak peak at their regular meetings 
Local rivals ~ Recollections of the long-standing enmity between Luton and Watford
Asia ~ How the progress of Japanese players in England is being reported back home ; why Indian football continues to lag behind the other major Asian countries
Letter from ~ The rising force in Belgian football
Scunthorpe Utd ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
Plus Letters , Webwatch