Editorial ~ The swift decline of the role model clubs
Diary ~ Bad start for Berti; Derby and Leicester drop; Liverpool lose at Leverkusen; ITV Digital do the dirty  
The bigger picture ~ Wembley in its pure state
Sidelines ~ Germany 2006 stadiums chosen ; Halifax’s unhappy return ; the football manage­ment business; ta ta Tooting ; P is for Phil
Scottish tv deal ~ The other ten SPL clubs threaten to dump Rangers and Celtic 
First Division football ~ The promotion race was close but were the teams any good?   
Keegan pledge shock ~ Back page stories you may have missed
World Cup round table ~ Three football experts look ahead to Korea/Japan 2002. Can France win a third successive trophy? Will Cameroon threaten the European-South American dominance? Can England and Ireland get past the first round?
Le Tissier & Kinkladze ~ A look at the other international players who might be compared to the retiring superstar of Southampton, plus the Georgian Best – is he a liability for a struggling team?
Letter from ~ Bosnia: league football united at last
Aston Villa & Sampdoria ~ Anniversaries of major final appearances by two clubs who have since faded from the European scene      
Strange case of ~ Lars Elstrup, a cult figure from Denmark
Swansea City ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
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