Editorial ~ Hold the front page: England were OK    
World Cup diary part one ~ All that happened in the group matches and how it was seen on TV
World Cup myths ~ What the surprise results really said about the current state of international football
England ~ Two matches short of the final but still a long way from winning the World Cup
Falling stars ~ Did it matter that some of the big names flopped this summer?
Ireland ~ Why it was wrong to say they were only there for the party; Roy Keane’s view 
World Cup diary part two ~ The knockout stage from second round to final, including John  Motson’s food fixation and Big Ron’s spotter’s badge
Germany ~ How the unforeseen finalists won new fans in their own country 
Turkey & USA ~ Turkish triumphs in spite of  a missing striker; why the US won’t be fall guys again     
France & Spain ~ An early exit for the holders and another missed opportunity for the nearly men
Africa ~ Senegal aside, it was a downbeat summer for African football
Wimbledon ~ Scandal in south London as a club is forcibly taken away from its supporters
Morning matches ~ Why it was hard to watch a tournament in which matches took place before breakfast
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